The Unconscious Patterns that are holding you back from Reaching your Full Potential

The unconscious patterns that are holding you back from your full potential, at a physical, mental, emotional, and spirit level often come from earlier experiences that may have occurred during childhood. Between the ages of one to eight years old, we are much more right-brained, everything is about self, so even if we were witness to dissent, arguments, fights, physical abuse concerning our parents, or older siblings, we pick up three messages that aren’t necessarily logical:

  • It’s my fault
  • I’m not worthwhile
  • I’m not lovable

Around the age of eight we start to integrate  more of the left/right brain and we start to find out that the world is not quite as simple a place that we first thought. Often we lose our sense of trust. These patterns will play out as unconscious patterns that we resonate with for the rest of our lives, so we may be successful in our public life, but feel that we are ‘less than’ or failures in our personal lives.

Resonance Repatterning helps us to examine what is holding us back from our full potential as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Since this  resonates at a cellular level, or sub-atomic particle level (that is contained within ourselves) it is not necessarily subconscious. It is unconscious because it can come from the time of conception; our D.N.A.; it can be parental; it can be ‘Vision’, the way we perceive the world; it can be Relationships, etc.

I look forward to connecting with you using this highly successful discipline, to discover and examine your full potential.

Michael Fisher


Discovering the Potential within Yourself

Discover the potential within yourself to spiral up into greater coherence at a physical, mental, emotional and spirit level. What holds us back from attaining what we truly want in our life? Is it that we are so preoccupied with being a Victim, and that life has been so unfair, as a result we have not fulfilled our dreams of doing something worthwhile, no matter how personal that may be? Not how the world sees us but how we see the world.

Victims very often become Persecutors or Enablers (Rescuers). The Karpman Triangle was conceived by the psychologist Stephen Karpman, M.D. He utilized the triangle to show how easily we become enmeshed.

In nearly every situation when we become a Victim, we react by becoming either a Persecutor, or equally debilitating, an Enabler.

Victim: “I saw the way you looked at me.”

Persecutor : “Oh grow up. Get a Life.”

Victim/Persecutor: “You should talk OR

Victim/Enabler: “You’re right nothing I ever do is good enough, so I just won’t look at you.”

Here is a real life situation that occurred in a school playground.

Two young boys are chatting in the school break. A third boy walks up, and says:

Third Boy: “I saw you looking at that girl’s legs.”

First Boy: “No I didn’t

Third Boy: “Yes you did!”

First Boy: “Why don’t you go back to China.”

Third Boy: “Why don’t you make me.”-(giving a Push).

First Boy slaps Third boy across the face.

One of the boys ends up being suspended by the Principal, and the other has to go to detention. A Lose, Lose situation.

This appears to be an innocuous example, but in the boys’ world it goes to their sense of their own self-worth.

The Second boy didn’t get involved in their argument. He’s not in the triangle.

Stepping out of the Triangle so one doesn’t become a Victim or Persecutor:

“I saw you looking at that girl’s legs.”

“You’re right, why don’t you join us.”

In nearly every situation we are conditioned to feel we have to react or become ‘a doormat.’

With the ability to look at our unconscious patterns, with the insights afforded to us through Resonance Repatterning we discover that our problem is rooted in a significant past experience that diminishes us.

There are really only two principle emotions: Love and Fear.

With Love comes: warmth, kindness, generosity of spirit, confidence, and contentedness with what is. I can do anything I put my mind to.

From Fear comes: passive-aggression, anger, hatred, jealousy, judgment, a sense of inadequacy. I can’t do it. It’ll never work. I’m not good enough.

With the right tools we can turn problems into opportunities and resonate with positive intentions. Discover the underlying unconscious patterns that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

If any of the above resonates with you and how you operate in the world, let’s have a conversation: contact me at (Canada) 1-604-285-7013 or visit my website at for an initial discussion.

Michael Fisher